Customer Testimonial
Soulcare Client Testimonial
Rahul Siddharth Desai
Key Account Manager, PSU - Bancasurrance
HDFC LIFE, Mahalaxmi

I can proudly say that am Soul Care's loyal customer from more than a year now, in fact in last October when I was on one month leave and operating from home, I was availing Soul Care food at my residence which can explain my attachment with this product.

In hectic life routine of Mumbai, am sorted for Lunch thanks to Soul Care. As one of the famous lines on Customer delight says - If you are happy tell others if you are not tell us. I have referred Soul Care to several colleagues in my office and they are already subscribed to Soul Care.

I would want to mention that Soul Care food is one step ahead of Ghar-ka-khana, cause with home made food you can get bored but not with Soul Care with amount of variety served everyday, their claim of not repeating a given item for next 15 days actually stands true. Over all I can summarize by saying, till the time am in Mumbai am with Soul Care.

Soulcare Client Testimonial
Ashish Kumar
Economist, Institutional Equities and Global Research
Elara Securities (India) Pvt. Ltd., Lower Parel

Soul Care meals have been one among the many things I like about Bombay.

Apart from providing a wholesome diet, the food fares extremely well on the varied menu-plan (from north to south of India) alongside the freshness and presentation. My best wishes to the team.

Soulcare Client Testimonial
Piyush Jain
Executive Taxation, KALYANIWALA & MISTRY, FORT

I have subscribed for Soul Care tiffin services around 7 months back and I have had a very good experience with then till date. The quality of food which they deliver is good and give a feel of “ghar-ka-khana”.

They have delivered the food on regular basis without any default and I am looking forward to continue their services in future.

Soulcare Client Testimonial
Varun Haran
Journalist, TIMES SQUARE

Soul Care tiffins has been a boon in more ways than one. I have lost count of the number of people i have recommended this service to.

Prompt, appetizing, nutritious, flexible are just some of the adjectives i would use to describe their service.

I wish them the best.

Soulcare Client Testimonial
Omkar Biradar
Asst. Vice President, Singhi Advisors Pvt Ltd

Apart from being healthy, Soul Care food is tasty as well. Your tiffins make me look forward for the lunch break. They are indeed a good value for money.

I have been subscribing to your tiffin service since the last 2 years and I don’t see that changing soon.

Soulcare Client Testimonial
Bharti Joshi
Total Development Outsourcing
Turnkey Interior Contractor, Mankhurd

I am a Woman Entrepreneur and always ordered food.......My kids would hardly ever eat any food I purchased - and I bought from all of the best restaurants all good foods but that home food taste was never there.

Then I tried Soul Care Hospitality and Wellness' Balanced Meal Plans. My family loved it. It is very economical,hygienic and excellent choice of menu offering us the true ‘Ghar ka Khana' experience"